How is node01 referring in the ssh host name field?

In the lab of build agents, there is a task to setup a build agent in jenkins, so for that we have to ssh into centos server as → “ssh bob@node01” ; here I want to know where does node01 comes from because the host name in the remote server is this “gotest-dev01”.

Although if I am doing ssh bob@gotest-dev01 then also its working after adding to known hosts I guess.

You can refer to a host by any name you like to long as it resolves to the ip address of the server. In this case the host on Jenkins server is different to the hostname on the target.

Thank you for the response, but I cant found node01 in /etc/hosts resolving to an ip address in Jenkins server.

You are right it is not in the hosts file, so it must be in DNS.

Yes got it, thank you !