How do the single project for entire tools using git, maven, sonarcube, sonatype nexus, jenkins, ansible, kubernetes and terraform

I need briefly wants some documentation type. including the monitoring tools such as using datadog, newrelic, nagios and promotheus

Hi @harrshaplus

Apologies for the late reply but we’re not quite sure what you are asking for, To describe everything you’ve mentioned would require a whole book! Since you’re posting in the DevOps Interview category, we must assume that is what you are preparing for. Unfortunately nothing will prepare you for a line of questioning on a tool or technology other than experience of actually using it.

If you know what something is and what it does, that can get you some way if you have used a similar tool from a different vendor, however git is 99% required to know to pass any DevOps interview.

You have covered tools that fall into several categories

  • git - source control system (the world’s most popular)
  • maven - build tool for Java
  • SonarQube - code quality static analysis tool (supports most popular programming languages)
  • Nexus - Artifact repository
  • Jenkins - CI/CD
  • Terraform/Ansible - Infrastructure as code
  • Kubernetes - Container orchestration.

…plus all the monitoring tools you mentioned.

All of these have documentation available on their respective web sites.
Most are free/open source except Nexus, Datadog, Nagiois and NewRelic, although these have some free offerings with limited functionality.