Hi, I’ve passed the exam! So there are my thoughts on it : I didn’t have any con . . .

Hi, I’ve passed the exam! So there are my thoughts on it :
I didn’t have any connection problems, the remote desktop seemed to be smooth but it take me a few minutes to get used to the interface, navigation etc.
In my opinion, the exam is really hard. I passed CKA in the summer 2021 with a score ~90% , for CKS I’ve done all mock exams on KK a lot of times, and two weeks ago I had around 75-80% on my first attempt on killer.sh (took me a bit longer than 2 hours, like 2.5h), a few days ago had ~85-90% in 2 hours (I intentionally skipped some tasks which for sure I knew won’t appear on the exam because they were too hard). I was really, really confident before the exam (had in mind that everyone was saying that CKA is hard, but it was very easy for me). During the exam, I was losing my confidence with every minute, because there were so many tasks to complete within 2 hours. Maybe they weren’t complicated, but most of them were very, very time-consuming (not like on CKA where 1/3 exam you could do using imperative commands). Overall I didn’t even have time to check my completed tasks, because I had to focus on flagged tasks till the end of time.
My advices :
• learn to make all mock exams within the time limit (1 hour per exam)
• make killersh as many times as you can (you can skip the tasks that you think for sure won’t appear on the exam)
• clear the whole killercoda CKS at-least once
• learn to clear the above exams using imperative commands as much as you can (creating roles, cluster bindings, serviceaccounts, deployments + -o yaml) and what is very important, learn using kubectl edit
• REALLY focus on time while making the above exams, don’t talk with anyone, don’t get distracted.
• on the real exam, if you think you don’t know what to do in the task, just flag it and skip it, dont try to play a nerd-hero, you really dont have time for it. just come back to that task later.
combination of :
• smart time management
• imperative commands and kubectl edit
• knowledge of what and where you can find in docs
• smart time management AGAIN
will help you pass the exam. GL everyone and thanks for sharing your knowledge guys that helped me passing.

Wai Yan Pyae Sone:
@Gennway Congratulations :tada: :tada: and thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Trung Tran: