HI, I am a bit confused with `serviceAccount` and `serviceAccountName` and where . . .

Lukasz Szczepaniak:
HI, I am a bit confused with serviceAccount and serviceAccountName and where those two are used.
In the task there was a reference to serviceAccount name as question suggests:

However, on k8s doc. mostly is using serviceAccountName: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/configure-service-account/

@Lukasz Szczepaniak
• The serviceAccountName field in a Pod specification is the current, standard way to specify which service account the Pod should use.
• The serviceAccount field was used in earlier versions of Kubernetes as the way to specify the service account for a Pod. However, it was deprecated and replaced by serviceAccountName.
• In some cases, especially in older Kubernetes clusters or in clusters that have been upgraded from older versions, you might see both serviceAccount and serviceAccountName in Pod definitions. I’d tested this while upgrading to EKS. you could see both in pod definition file.
• Always use serviceAccountName in your Pod specifications. This is the current and correct field name to specify the service account for a Pod.
• The Kubernetes system internally translates serviceAccount to serviceAccountName. If both are specified, serviceAccountName is given preference.
Hope this helps!