Hi friends Passed with 90 score CKA 🎊 Thanks to @Mumshad Mannamb . . .

Baskar Lingam Ramachandran:
Hi friends

Passed with 90 score CKA :confetti_ball:

Thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth for the awesome course and labs. Without your course it would have been way harder.

Here are my few observations and words:

  1. If you already have CKAD certification ( like me ) then CKA won’t be that difficult to prepare as course content collide
  2. But you will have to finish the Udemy course fully, most importantly the practice labs, lightning lab and mock exams
  3. It is a must to fully solve killer.sh at least once yourself without checking the solutions even if you would not finish within 2 hours ( Those who have registered CKA exam will get 2 sessions of killer.sh free, each of which is valid for 36 hours )
  4. Review killer.sh solutions and the tips given as part of the solutions
  5. Attempting killer.sh gives these advantages : For those who don’t use XFCE as their workstation killer.sh will make you comfortable for the exam, The questions are more difficult in killer.sh than exam and so will prepare you for the real exam, Remote Desktop with XFCE allows you to open multiple tabs of k8s docs, multiple terminal tabs or windows, Visual Editor mousepad to prepare yaml
  6. If you are using a small screen laptop in the exam ( like MacBook Air with 13”) then remember to zoom out to make your life easier
  7. Panic not : Finish the easy questions first to make yourself comfortable before attending the difficult or long ones. I wish I had done this.
  8. The results come exactly 24 hours after the scheduled start time of your exam, even if you actually started the exam a bit earlier. For example, if the scheduled start of the exam is 6 and if you started the check-in process at 5.30 and managed to clear the check-in process earlier than 6, your exam clock time could start few minutes earlier than 6. But the results would be there at 6 the next day after 24 hours. It is NOT 24 hours after the exam finish time.
  9. I did not do or watch KTHW - Kubernetes The Hard Way, but doing it could help for sure towards :100:
    Hope this gives some more ideas and motivation.

Good luck to everyone :four_leaf_clover:

Mahesh Kadam:
Hi Baskar Lingam Ramachandran , Do you have a notepad like in killer.sh session we can opn it from exam controls tab or just the mousepad?

Baskar Lingam Ramachandran:
Notepad like is available if i am not wrong @Mahesh Kadam… but i used mousepad only…

Tej Singh Rana:
Congratulations, @Baskar Lingam Ramachandran :partying_face: