Hi everyone , So I got my CKA yesterday . Super excited to have achieved this! T . . .

Hi everyone , So I got my CKA yesterday . Super excited to have achieved this! Thanks to Kodekloud team @Mumshad Mannambeth and others for the course ( that is everything one needs to make this exam) . Here is my journey and my experience on exam day!

  1. I used the KodeKloud course on Udemy , this course is very good and I loved and enjoyed how Mumshad thought the course ( despite that I was using k8s before , I learnt a whole lot of new things I didn’t know about before and he made learning fun with his style of teaching) .
  2. I started preparing with the course mid January
  3. I attended all the labs after I finished each lecture
  4. When I completed the course , I attempted the Mock 1 , it was easy , I attended Mock2 , it was a bit hard for me and then I attempted Mock3 and I felt inadequate about myself , because I actually thought I had prepared well . Then the final straw was when I did the Lightning Labs and I could only answer 3 questions in the whole of 1 hour lol … .So I told myself I had to keep practising plus someone mentioned here that until you are able to do all the Mock in 30mins then you are not ready for the exam ( that made me feel bad but also it gave me a push ) So I started doing 2 hours after work every day just to practise the Mock exams and the Lightning labs . After 2 weeks of practise , I began to score 100% in the Mock and lightning labs and I finished them in 30-35mins , that gave me the courage to then schedule my exam :grin:
  5. Because I was nervous due to some posts I read online ( PLEASE , be mindful of what you digest on blogs , some of them are full of scary things about CKA) , I rescheduled again , I actually rescheduled 3 times:joy: . because I was nervous for some weird reasons .
  6. So I finally summoned the courage to write it , then on Exam day , I started out well, all the questions seem familiar ( I mean if you have practised the Mock and lightning labs ) then you would have done something similar already in the labs .
  7. I had 17 questions , I attempted 12 and flagged 5 to come back to them ( I knew those 5 , but had some minor issues solving some of them ) unfortunately , the exam network went off while I was trying to go back to work on the flagged questions . I tried all sort but nothing worked , then I had to reload the page :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved: , and when the exam was loaded again I thought I had lost all my 12 questions as I panicked ( Please don’t be like me:scream: ). At this time I had just 35minutes more , so the time I was meant to use to check my 5 flagged questions I was busy confirming if my work was lost or not #sad . If your exam portal ever lost connection , please just continue , your work is saved ( I wish I knew better lol)
  8. My remaining 30 minutes went by and I was no longer composed to answer my flagged questions ( unfortunately) so I was able to only do 1 out of it I think and I left 4 questions untouched:cold_sweat:
  9. I did only 12 or 13 questions ( I think I was lucky to have done the high weighted ones)
  10. Please no matter what happens in the exam , try to remain calm ( I don’t know if this is possible but I think it matters a lot )
  11. Plus the exam is not hard as said by some blogs , and also the time is enough for you to do the exam ( if you have practised well ) Don’t Panic , Don’t be nervous . Just prepare with Mumshad course and do all the Mocks and Lightning Labs over and over again till you are confident .
  12. PS I did not enable auto complete or any bash stuff in my terminal ( This is a personal preference because in real life I type all my commands in full too so it made no difference for me but please do whatever works for you in real life in the exam too )
  13. I hope my points helps someone and not discourage them :pray::innocent:

hemant kumar gupta:
Congrats !! Good information shared

Hinodeya learn:
Thanks a lot for amazing feedback :wink:

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Congratulations!!! Great job! And thanks for sharing our journey!

Manas Sahoo:
Congratulations !! Very Well written and Very informative as like you explain your story to somebody beside you which we all feel just before exam…Thank you so much for sharing

Raju GSK:
Congratulations. Thank you for your guidance. It really helps for the preparation and gives confidence.

Mohamed Ayman:
Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your experience!