Hi Everyone, I passed CKA on my first attempt yesterday. Thanks @Mumshad Mannamb . . .

Hi Everyone, I passed CKA on my first attempt yesterday. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth and the rest of the Kodekloud for very good course. Thanks very much to the key contributors in this channel. Here is my background in preparing for this exam, working with kubernetes at some level since last few years, gone through udemy/kodekloud cka course and mock labs, killer.sh labs (repeated them until i got full score), i also went through http://kubenetes.io|kubenetes.io site documenation in detail covering all the concepts, tasks and other important bits. I also passed CKAD last year so i have some experience of exam env, will focus on CKS next

My exam experience:
I had enough time in the CKA exam to complete all the queries and went through them again, Time wise I found i had enough time in CKA when compared to CKAD (i couldn’t complete all the questions in CKAD due to lack of time)
I was able to use bookmarks, an external monitor, an external keyboard and an external webcam without any issue
i advice to flag any questions which you are unclear come back to it after you attempted the remaining questions, don’t get stuck and waste time on single question
I scored 96, the remaining 4 i lost because of not reading the questions properly, my advice is to read the question carefully to the last word before working on it and use the context command provided at the start of each question.


Adeola Adefolaju:
Big congratulations

Congratulations @sree

Tej Singh Rana:
wow, that’s an amazing score. seems like you enjoyed and nailed the official CKA exam. :raised_hands::+1:

Thanks @unnivkn & @Tej Singh Rana you guys are doing great job in this channel by helping others in their k8s exams journey

Thanks @Adeola Adefolaju & @Priyanka