Hi everyone, I am preparing for CKA. Just want to know if the "Security" section . .

Ilakkia Srivatsan:
Hi everyone, I am preparing for CKA. Just want to know if the “Security” section is in CKA exam. I could see the security section in the practice tests of this course. So just want to know if i should prepare that .

Karim Meslem:
According to the CNCF Exam details, Security is not included in the list of general domains and their weights.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) | Cloud Native Computing Foundation (<https://www.cncf.io/certification/cka/|Exam Details)>

Whether that means that we don’t have to focus on the Security topic because we won’t be asked to create RBAC rules, Network Policies and such, I don’t know but I’m curious.
Perhaps someone in the channel who passed the exam can further clarify?

Hello, @Ilakkia Srivatsan
I would suggest that you don’t skip the security section. Security section is still important for the CKA exam. Topics like Network policy, RBAC, kubeconfig etc. Administrator should know this.

Hello, @Karim Meslem
Please have a look for CKA curriculum.


Karim Meslem:
@Tej_Singh_Rana Thanks.

Mohamed Ayman:
The course has been updated to match the new CKA exam. Security section moved to CKS but there is a few topics are still part of CKA like RBAC.

Don’t skip lectures, just study the basic practices

I recently passed the Linux Foundation CKA exam and I learned many things along the way. Hopefully these suggestions will help you succeed with your exam.