Hi everyone, hope all good Small update about my yesterday's CKA exam on new PS . . .

Hi everyone, hope all good

Small update about my yesterday’s CKA exam on new PSI platform - I passed with score 80 :tada:.
Despite all the issues, lags and time loss…

Just wanted to say thanks a bunch to KodeKloud and @Mumshad Mannambeth in person.
Best of luck to everyone who is in preparation, follow the https://kodekloud.slack.com/archives/CHMV3P9NV/p1656417628507499|Thttps://kodekloud.slack.com/archives/CHMV3P9NV/p1656417628507499|IPS, stay focused and you’ll be fine :thumbsup:

Dimitra Kontogeorgou:
How did you cope with copy/paste and documentation lag? Many congratulations! :tada:

thank you @Dimitra Kontogeorgou!
I’ve shared my issues a while ago https://kodekloud.slack.com/archives/CHMV3P9NV/p1656402521876359?thread_ts=1656401204.365119&cid=CHMV3P9NV|here - for copy/paste used mouse and that was really annoying and time consuming,
and for scrolling docs used to drag scroll with mouse as well (instead of using wheel which was laggy)

Congratulations @Vitalii well done !

sambhaji gurme:
After how many hrs you got result?

Tej Singh Rana:
Congratulations @Vitalii :partying_face:

Tej Singh Rana:
It takes around 24 hours @sambhaji gurme
Reference: - https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/faq-cka-ckad-cks#how-is-my-exam-scored

sambhaji gurme:
I given the exam on 26/06/2022 but not yet shown result.

sambhaji gurme:
Given retake option but not shown result.

Tej Singh Rana:
then contact the LF support team.

sambhaji gurme:
But they are telling it will take time because they have many cases as of now.

sambhaji gurme:
So I was asked, his result came early and not my.

Congratulations @Vitalii