Hi , can you please tel me what's wrong with this ? "The `dev-user` is trying to . . .

Ravi Paragi:
Hi , can you please tel me what’s wrong with this ? “The dev-user is trying to get details about the dark-blue-app pod in the blue namespace. Investigate and fix the issue”
When I checked the required roles, its seems to be fine.

Hải Đông:
check resource name of role

Mohamed Ayman:
You need to change “blue-app” to “dark-blue-app” in the resourceNames in the developer role, using this command:
kubectl edit roles developer -n blue

Ravi Paragi:
oh god. I didn’t notice silly thing :slightly_smiling_face: mind becomes blank when timer is running :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks @Mohamed Ayman

Mohamed Ayman:
You’re welcome