Hi All, just wanted to share that I took CKAD exam and passed! got 87 - I know w . . .

Mohsin On xRM:
Hi All, just wanted to share that I took CKAD exam and passed! got 87 - I know where I lost anyway -
I want to thank @Mumshad Mannambeth for the awesome course and all the practice labs, lightening labs and mock exams.
Thanks to @Alistair Mackay for answering my questions here as well
I definitely benefited from all the feedback everyone has been providing here especially regarding the exam environment and their preparation.

I can’t imagine taking the exam on a smaller than 24" 1080p monitor, I’m glad I saw it here and knew how to disable laptop screen and only use that. Your exam environment definitely matters, I used mech. keyboard that I’m used to and practiced all the above on it, so speed it important.

Here are my 2 cents:

  1. Make sure to be an expert with imperative commands, get the most of it done, including any env variables, labels and commands and then -dry-run it out and make any final adjustments as needed
  2. Make sure to practice the lightening labs and mock exams, if you don’t complete them in the first try, don’t look at the solutions, give yourself another try, you’ll def. get it
  3. Make sure to practice CKAD exercises for speed and getting in the rhythm
  4. Make sure to practice scenarios on killercoda
  5. Finally, make sure to practice the killer simulator exam, again, don’t go to the solutions after first try if you don’t get the desired 100 in 2 hrs, just come back to it after a few hours or the next day - you’ll be able to get it
  6. Relax, take it easy
    Now I’ll shift my focus to DCA or Prometheus (I hope kodekloud will add a course for that too)

Mohsin On xRM:

Mohsin On xRM:

Mohsin On xRM:
my experience with the exam environment:

  1. Don’t let the killercoda simluator or the killer simulator give you the impression that the speed will be similar or comparable. It won’t be.
  2. It gives a false impression, just use those environments to get familiar how it’ll somewhat look and feel
  3. I have 1Gbps Fiber up/down and the environment was still extremely laggy
  4. Forget about browsing/scrolling in Firefox
  5. Make sure to enable selection copy in the terminal settings (the paste warning message was off already)

Mohsin On xRM:
my thoughts/opinion about the killer simulator exam

  1. Again, here as well, don’t let it give you the false impression that killer exam is hard and then by default the actual exam will be easier. It isn’t!
  2. So make sure you use it as a practice, practice your speed and strategy of attempting the questions not that if you’ve done killer you’ll be able to get through the actual exam as well, don’t think like that.

Mohsin On xRM:
oh and the check-in process was a pain as usual, but my experience from KCNA exam had me prepared for that, but yeah have extreme patience with the proctor to show a “360” degree view of the room - floor, walls and the roof… had to do this twice and with all the cables connected was very difficult - anyway, just get through this

Onur Micoogullari:
Congrats @Mohsin On xRM! I also passed CKAD in the beginning of the week, now looking at DCA. Let’s keep in touch to share knowledge. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alistair Mackay:
All that stuff with the panning of the camera is why I recommend external camera

Awantika Nigam:
Congratulations @Mohsin On xRM! Feel free to add your success stories in <#C0459E6K4AZ|achievements> :party_parrot: