Hi all, i passed my CKA on first attempt with 78%. I am really happy and thankf . . .

Hi all,
i passed my CKA on first attempt with 78%. I am really happy and thankful. I want motivate you. Before I started with @Mumshad Mannambeth course I didn’t know nothing about kubernetes, really Zero. I watched all videos and repeated the practice.
You can do it. Or in my language, why not YOU?


tolu O:
Thanks for the inspiration @Thomas

Andrés Torres:
Did you take the exam this week? How was the PSI experience?

Rajya B:
@Thomas how many months/days have you dedicated for preparation before attempting the exam?

Yes I took the exam yesterday.
I had not experienced any latency or issue. But I did not find what to note on :-), but also did not want to search too long and used the vim.
Otherwise I could open several browser tabs. This is mostly interesting when you have the cheat sheet open and next to the documentation . You can open several terminal at the same time.
Sometimes there are tasks where I have to wait with --watch to see if it works. I opened the second terminal and did the next task in the same context. You just have to be careful not to mix up the contexts.

Important to the browser is that in Firefox the search on the page seems to be disabled (or it didn’t work for me). I could not search for key word inside the browser

I liked the feeling of having my own desktop.

Over the last 3-4 months.
I had once started a year ago, stopped and forgot all. So about 4 months ago I started to try to do at least one task per day. So I could not forget again.

Rajya B:
Ok sure @Thomas ,thank you.

Hi @Thomas thanks for your feedback.
It’s good to read you haven’t any issue regarding lag and that you were able to open multiple bowser tabs and terminal windows.
Some people didn’t realised that FireFox open the search box in the left bottom of the window.
Anyway congrats :muscle:

Congratulations @Thomas

Vitor Jr.:

@Thomas hey thomas, are we allowed to open browser tab for referring to etcd documentation during the exam? i am afraid that if i end up getting any etcd backup tasks i will have to refer its documentation that is not hosted on the k8s documentation.