Hi All, I had booked the CKAD exam for today. I got the confirmation on the exam . . .

Shivendra Singh:
Hi All, I had booked the CKAD exam for today. I got the confirmation on the exam but unable to launch the exam. Does anyone have any idea how to get the issue sorted and reschedule the exam?

R Banerjee:

R Banerjee:
Also, please get in touch with their customer support ASAP

Shivendra Singh:
Thanks for responding I tried pinging on the Exams local but no one responded on the chat. It’s like nobody is monitoring the system. I will write to Linuxfoundation

R Banerjee:
Their twitter also doesnt highlight any outage right now ( i.e. no mention of outage on twitter, yet , IIUC )

Shivendra Singh:
I just got response from PSI that there is server issue going on at there end and I would need to reschedule my exam due to it.

R Banerjee:
oh, so its not LF but PSI… #abstraction


R Banerjee:
@billyball: if you are referencing this, then thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

R Banerjee:
cc : @nagendra prasad: ^^

nagendra prasad:
Thanks @R Banerjee

I gave my CKA exam on Aug 20th. In mid of my exam, the server got hung and I cant continue the exam. The examiner asked me to contact the Linux Foundation. The results are not published yet and I couldn’t reschedule either.

Contacted the linux foundation support via mail - no response and also no response from PSI :frowning: . Really frustrating.

Raised ticket as well in thier Jira.

If you guys know any information to contact them, please let me know.

Any update? Today I faced the same issue.

Hi @imranshs08,
Please submit a ticket with your issue. The LF support team will check it.