Hi All, Happy to inform that last weekend I have completed my CKS certification. . . .

Chandra K:
Hi All,
Happy to inform that last weekend I have completed my CKS certification. Scored around 90%
Thank you KodeKloud Team for creating a well framed course.
I was able to achieve the certification with in 3 weeks due to my working experience with K8s.
• I would recommend at-least 6 to 8 weeks of the preparation if you don’t work on K8s regularly.
• All the concepts in the exam are covered in the course.
• Make use of the killerkoda sample practice questions and importantly Killer.sh simulator free sessions for the exam preparation.
• Took my exam in mac m1 and it worked absolutely fine.
• ctrl+shft+c and ctrl+shft+v for copy paste in the exam terminal
• ctrl+c and ctrl+v for copy paste in the browser. ctrl+f for find.
• Mouse middle click for pasting anything in the terminal that was recently highlighted in the terminal.
@Alistair Mackay and all, I got a question on falco and the log was not generated by the time I opened the log. So I flagged the question and returned to the question towards end when I have 15mins left. I saw log entry and and updated the rule as per the question. I waited for 10mins and the log got generated in the last minute of the exam. So couldn’t copy and format the log entries as per the requested format. Do you think this one should I inform them that less logged entries should be avoided in the exams?
• Practice more. Only practice will save time in exam. Due to my practice I had good amount of time left towards the exam after completing all tasks and verifying the answers.
• Read the previous posts from other members of this channel for more inputs.
Thanks again @Mumshad Mannambeth @Alistair Mackay @Vijin Palazhi and Team for the course and support.

Trung Tran:
Congrats, thanks for sharing insights & tips.

Congratulations, well done!

When did you get your CKA? How does CKS compare to CKA in terms of difficulty?

Chandra K:
I did my CKA in 1st quarter of 2021. CKS for sure challenging than CKA.

Arun Arora:
Any Important questions for CKS prep?

Alistair Mackay:
Congrats @Chandra K

For infrequently logged falco events, depending on what the rule is checking, you might be able to exec into the container and run whatever command should generate the entry, e.g. if it is Package Management tool, go in and manually run apt update

Alistair Mackay:
@GVin @Arun Arora
Note that while you can wing CKA with fairly little Linux knowledge, the CKS course assumes a certain proficiency with Linux, which is not taught as part of the course. If your Linux skills are not OK, then you should do one of the Linux courses before studying CKS - at least the Linux Basics course.

Sagar Utekar:
Congratulations for CKS certification.

Thanks for the tip @Alistair Mackay
I think I am covered on the linux part with 10+ years hands-on and I harden Kubernetes cluster as my full time job.

Arun Arora:
@Alistair Mackay, thanks for the tip. I have Linux part covered as I have been using it for quite some time. But I was looking to get some suggestions on important questions from someone who has given the CKS exam already. Its better to get a perspective from their PoV on some important areas/questions.

Alistair Mackay:
You guys both sound ready for the course, and @GVin if you’re already doing cluster hardening, there’s probably not much in there you haven’t seen before.
The domain details are here: https://training.linuxfoundation.org/certification/certified-kubernetes-security-specialist/

But basically you’ll cover RBAC, netpols, Admission Controllers, seccomp, sandboxing, Falco, OPA, Kubesec, Trivy. TLS
Also Pod Security Policy is still in the course, but by the time you take exam, the exam will be on 1.25 or higher. PSPs removed in 1.25 so you can’t get questions on it.