Hi All, glad to share that I've passed PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Prog . . .

Hi All, glad to share that I’ve passed PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming! Thanks once again to Kodekloud team for the amazing course. After I finished the course, I went and go through with the OpenEDG course as well due to the 50% discount voucher being offered once you complete it. Amazing stuff. I’ve been coding for many years and still found out some new things and concepts that I missed on. This is why training and certification in any significant subject in your field is important. You get to cover basically areas that was declared by the community as the proper standard. Feels amazing to add another gem to the gauntlet.

Congratulations @Paul :+1:

Hello! What are the best additional resources for practice?

Hi @timothy.hadjis

Please go through these links:

Thank you

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Thank you!!! But will these resources provide enough practice so that I pass the PCAP exam?

Hi timothy.hadjis,

You have to install & practice python code well… that may help.
Also I can give you the reference of one student already cleared PCAP exam.
He is Paul Andrew Arboleda. Please check his profile in LinkedIn & ask him for any tips to crack the exam.

Thank you.