Hey I'm concerned about time management. The exam is 2 hours long and I have te . . .

Hey I’m concerned about time management. The exam is 2 hours long and I have test anxiety. How long should I spend on each quesiton?

120/17 = 7 Minutes

You should skip everything you cant answer directly

okay so they reduced the number of questions as well

Fernando Jimenez:
@Jason Stress is going to dictate how you’ll handle the time. Therefore, you need to reduce it by deceiving it. A technique it worked for me was to get familiarity with the environment right away by reading one question at a time and marking it for later unless I could just do it with one imperative command. Once I went through all the 17 questions, I was less strained because I knew the full scope, no surprises now. I went back and I started to go through those I could do by doing an imperative command but that I need it to save and open as a yaml file for further modifications. At this point I skipped again any that I knew it would take more than just editing a yaml.
Doing that, it left me with only a few that would involved multi task to accomplish the whole task. By then my stress was not even an issue.
When I realized I was done, I also realized I had 45 minutes left in the clock. But I was done, so I did not need it.
Mind that I only stumbled once, and as soon as I noticed it, I skipped so I would not get caught up in trying to troubleshoot it. I came back later.

Vijin Palazhi:
perhaps this will be of help : https://youtu.be/wgfjXHw7uPs

But I do agree with the tips provided by @Fernando Jimenez.