Help needed on where to start

Hi, I’m new to DevOps and new to all the technologies taught here. Is there a recommended learning path that I can follow in order to become an expert in DevOps?

You should first learn linux administration.
Second containers like docker.
Third container orchestration.
other necessary knowledge is monitoring, manage log, networking, data base administration, load balancer, some pipeline manaeger, etc.

Hi, Thanks for your response. Do we have any Linux admin course here in KodeKloud platform?

There isn’t linux admin course in KodeKloud.
I learned Linux at home and at university as a user. Now I’m working as sysadmin and I use only Linux or other Unix SO. I learned Linux over the years when I din’t understand English is not hard if you like computer things. It is not easy either but with the information that we have today on Internet is more easy than 15 years ago.
I recommend that you start by installing some Linux distribution. And then you start using it.
Good luck and keep working. :nerd_face:

Sure, thank you very much. Good luck to you too :slight_smile:

We are working on a course and will be releasing by end of this month.

Cool, thanks for the update.

We have created a new learning path that can be accessed at For now we have a DevOps pre-requisites course that also covers a little bit of Linux along with basics of applications, web servers, db servers, networking, security etc. But we have a Linux Basics course too in the works that will be released in a few weeks. For now DevOps pre-reqs course will be a good start.

Thanks for the update. Yes, got an email regarding this a couple of days ago and already started with the “DevOps Pre-requisites” course. 15% of the course is done and happy with the quality of the course contents. Thanks.