Helm lab: Can't create pod due to limit errors

I started the Helm lab and tried to deploy a Helm chart. The pods, deployed by the Helm chart, can not start due to the following error message:

Normal   Created    17s (x3 over 34s)  kubelet            Created container kubernetes-dashboard
  Warning  Failed     16s (x3 over 34s)  kubelet            Error: failed to create containerd task: failed to create shim: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:380: starting container process caused: process_linux.go:545: container init caused: process_linux.go:508: setting cgroup config for procHooks process caused: failed to write "200000": write /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu,cpuacct/kubepods/burstable/pod591f08a1-c306-4cda-9d4a-4a564a5e8ed6/kubernetes-dashboard/cpu.cfs_quota_us: invalid argument: unknown
  Warning  BackOff    11s (x5 over 32s)  kubelet            Back-off restarting failed container

It was just a test to step into this lab stuff. Unfortunately one of the first things failed already.
How can I workaround this?

Hello, @v.hoebel
Can you please tell me lab name?

@Tej_Singh_Rana I just went to Labs → Helm and created a new one. Since it gets destroyed after 15m automatically, I can not tell you the lab name since it is gone already. But the error is reproducible.

So it’s happening with all the helm labs? @v.hoebel

Yes, that was the case for me when I tried it multiple times.

What do you mean by “gone already”?

You mean that session is expired? Is it?

Not sure if we are talking about the same “Lab”?

Maybe I should have written “Playgrounds”. Is it more clear now?

Yes, It’s clear now. I thought you are talking about helm course’s labs.

Thanks for clarification.

Uf, I mixed things up. Thanks for looking into this issue!

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We will check and will update you.

Thanks for your patience.

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Can you please tell me chart name as well? @v.hoebel
I just deployed one chart and it’s working as expected.

Thanks for your feedback.
I tried this chart here:

Hey, @v.hoebel
Please check now, we fixed it that issue.
Thanks for your patience.


Thank you @Tej_Singh_Rana ! Will try this soon