Hello Team, I have a doubt on the ETCD Backup/Restore I have taken the backup wi . . .

Venkat G:
@Anushka hasini,
I got the response. Looks, I am so late

Your exam is dated August 17, 2022 and the exam server has already been decommissioned, therefore our exam technical team is unable to perform an autopsy to determine if there was an issue with the environment or the issues you faced were due to “User Error”
Regardless, we would not be able to disclose specifics about what commands were executed correctly or incorrectly - as this would compromise the validity of the test.
We can suggest that you use the killer.sh simulator to get familiar with the type of tasks presented on the exam .
We will forward your feedback/issue description to our exam technical team for review and to ensure the environment is working as expected.

Anushka hasini:
But I wonder how to resolve the issue which we faced during exam

Were we able to resolve this? This has happened with me too in the exam. Please give clear instructions, what to do, in this scenario. Thanking in anticipation.

Hi @Kumar-Kishlay,

Please try the following to get familiar with different scenario for ETCD backup and restore