Hello-minikube deplyment has CrashLoopBackOff status

I just started the beginner kubernetes’ course and I’m on the setup demo video. I installed kubectl and minikube but when I’m trying to create the first deployment (following the command on the documentation), it’s unavailable and the pod has the status CrashLoopBackOff. I’m on a M1 using Docker as the driver.
I have these logs when I describe the pod:


Type Reason Age From Message

Normal Scheduled 6m20s default-scheduler Successfully assigned default/hello-minikube-5d9b964bfb-w9tnm to minikube
Normal Pulling 6m21s kubelet Pulling image “k8s.gcr(.)io/echoserver:1.10”
Normal Pulled 6m17s kubelet Successfully pulled image “k8s.gcr(.)io/echoserver:1.10” in 3.169160043s
Normal Created 4m50s (x5 over 6m17s) kubelet Created container echoserver
Normal Started 4m50s (x5 over 6m17s) kubelet Started container echoserver
Normal Pulled 4m50s (x4 over 6m16s) kubelet Container image “k8s.gcr.io/echoserver:1.10” already present on machine
Warning BackOff 69s (x25 over 6m15s) kubelet Back-off restarting failed container

What should I do ?

Hello @louis.genestier,
Kindly try again with this command kubectl create deployment hello-minikube --image=k8s.gcr.io/echoserver:1.4
and if you still have the same issue, kindly provide us with a full screenshot of the describe command kubectl describe pods < pod name> and the logs command kubectl logs <pod name> <container name>

KodeKloud Support