Hello Everyone, I have passed the CKA exam during my RETAKE with 73% and recei . . .

Venkat G:
Hello Everyone,

I have passed the CKA exam during my RETAKE with 73% and received the CKA badge today.
I wanted to share the certification preparation and the whole journey associated with this.

I went through the @Mumshad Mannambeth CKA course nearly 4 times and practiced the Lighting labs, Mock exams and all the labs multiple times.
Before the first attempt, I used the two killer shell mock exams already and got the 25 & 35 marks only during the killer shell practice tests.
Anyway, I went through the killer shell question and answers thoroughly. Again, I have practiced the labs multiple times.
Although I got the very less marks during killer shell tests, I have decided to appear the CKA exam on 17-Aug-22.
I got the 65% marks only and failed to get the certificate in the gap of 1% mark. I was very disappointed by loosing the 1% mark.
After the first attempt, I have received the feedback from Linux foundation team on the topics which were not performed well during the first attempt along with the scheduling instructions for RETAKE.
So, last 3 weeks I have focused on the topics which I was missed during my first attempt and again continued the practice of CKA labs, Killer coda and Killer shell question and answers as well.
Finally I have appeared my RETAKE yesterday and got the CKA certification today.
I really wanted to thank @Mumshad Mannambeth for his excellent teaching skills and for the course content as well and the Kodekloud community for your support, mentoring and patience for answering our questions.
Special thanks to @unnivkn ,@Alistair Mackay, @Trung Tran,@Manickam Krishnan, @Mouhamadou Moustapha Camara, @Leo Pastor and @Srikanth
The key to success is Practice, Practice, Practice and never give up.
→ I have used the 150 Mbps broadband, 21 inches external monitor and set the kubectl short cut(export do=’–dry-run=client -o yaml’)
→ TIME is very crucial during the exam. So, use it wisely. Don`t waste the time by spending the difficult questions at starting of the exam itself. Just Flag those and continue to attend the easy questions at first. Once you finish your easy questions, you can focus on the Flagged questions.

Many congratulations @Venkat G !!!

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@Venkat G glad :slightly_smiling_face:

Venkata Prasad Donthi:
Congrats @Venkat G

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Congrats @Venkat G

Trung Tran:
Well done @Venkat G, keep rocking

Venkat G:
Thank you guys :pray::pray:

Congratulations @Venkat G

Tej Singh Rana:
Thanks for sharing the experience with us @Venkat G :pray:

Tej Singh Rana:
Amazing work, Many Congratulations @Venkat G :tada::partying_face:

Hi Venkat - did you got the question same in second attempt?

Hi @decentman3434,
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