Hello everyone! I got my CKAD exam results yesterday with a passing score of 82 . . .

Onur Micoogullari:
Hello everyone!

I got my CKAD exam results yesterday with a passing score of 82/100 (only 66 is really needed). I did not use any other study material than the ones provided by KodeKloud - together with the corresponding course on Udemy - and the Killer.sh exam simulator which is included when scheduling the exam. It took me three weeks (of hard work) to get through. After finishing the course I just retried all the hands-on labs, lightning labs and mock exams on KodeKloud until I got 100% correct answers, and then I scheduled the exam.

I just wanted to let you all know that the Udemy course, together with the hands-on labs provided by KodeKloud, is more than enough to pass.

Three golden rules to help you pass the exam:

  1. Practice as much hands-on as you can! The exam is fully performance-based, which means you will have to solve about 15-20 Kubernetes problems in a real cluster. Theory is not enough, this exam is all about DOING things.
  2. Become efficient with VIM (or Nano, if that’s what you prefer) as you will need to use it a lot during the exam.
  3. The biggest relief of this exam is that you are allowed to search and copy/paste from the Kubernetes documentation site. The key here is to become efficient in finding the right things, as time is of the essence. Use the search box to find the right documentation pages using keywords like ‘kind: Deployment’ or ‘kind: PersistentVolume’. Then, search the documentation page using CTRL+F to quickly find the relevant parts that you want to copy/paste or remember, for example ‘volumeMounts:’ or ‘hostPath:’.

Feel free to ask my anything, and I will do my best to answer within the boundaries of the NDA.
Here is my LinkedIn, in case you are interested in connecting: https://www.linkedin.com/in/onur-micoogullari-2a8905a1/

Trung Tran:
Same score here, congrats on your achievement @Onur Micoogullari :k8s_intensifies:

Onur Micoogullari:
Thanks @Trung Tran, and to you too!

Congratulations @Onur Micoogullari

Ctrl-F didn’t work. All it did was bring up another tab. Is there another way to search for a keyword in a document. I’m was using a MacBook Pro

Onur Micoogullari:

Onur Micoogullari:
@jfota If you’re on a Mac, try CMD+F instead.

That was first one I tried because that’s how I search on Mac. That didn’t work either.

Is there search box somewhere that I didn’t see?

Onur Micoogullari:
Just to make sure; you are talking about searching a documentation page on http://kubernetes.io/docs|kubernetes.io/docs? I’m kind for suprised hearing that CMD+F is not working. I have a Mac as an extra laptop at home, and it works for me.

Yes, CMD+F works for searching on a Mac, but not in the test environment. When you’re on a k8s page in the test environment’s browser, say configmap, and you want to search for a volumes example, CMD+F opens up another tab in the test environment’s browser. There must be a way to search, but CMD+F is not it.

Awantika Nigam:
Congratulations @Onur Micoogullari Fell free to add your success stories here <#C0459E6K4AZ|achievements>