Hello All, I would like to share that I have passed my CKA exam with 83% on my s . . .

Hello All, I would like to share that I have passed my CKA exam with 83% on my second attempt. I failed on my first attempt with 64% as I have panicked a lot as my laptop camera was causing a lot of trouble, I lost my cool and ran out of time. But in my second attempt I was way faster in answering questions and had a lot of time to review my answers.

Moral of the story is that if you fail for the first time don’t worry, you will pass the second attempt with flying colours. Because you will be become even more stronger and confident in concepts and faster in answering the question as you practice more and more.


  1. Make use of the auto-completion, it helps to avoid typo errors.
  2. Practice your bookmarks well which make easier for you to find the exact link during exam.
  3. Do refer to the network policies in as per the github link https://github.com/ahmetb as network policy question are tricky and need more practice.
    I thank @Mumshad Mannambeth for the excellent course and community members @Tej_Singh_Rana, @runlevl4 who have helped solving my queries and doubts.

All the best to everyone !!!

Awesome. Congrats!

@runlevl4 --Thanks for your blogs it was really helpful…appreciate your efforts…

Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad they helped.

Congratulations @Sampathkaran :hugging_face: Thanks to share your CKA journey with us. Definitely it will motivate to other slack members, who is not cleared in a first attempt. Don’t lose hope until you’ll not get your goal. :muscle: