Hello All, I am planning to write CKAD exam in next week and had some questions . . .

Rajesh Kollipara:
Hello All,
I am planning to write CKAD exam in next week and had some questions related to new env. Can anyone please answer to below questions who have taken the exam

  1. I am going to use MacBook to write the exam, saw from the previous messages that we were unable to use copy( cmd +c ) and ( cmd +v ). So, do we need to use right click to copy and paste ?
  2. We were able to use kubernetes official doc to refer, Are we able to search (CMD + F ) content in docs
  3. how many attempts can we have for exam ? From previous messages, it seems like we have 2 attempts (or 1 more retake if someone fails). Is it by default or Do I need to check somewhere to make sure ?

Andre Hochmuth:
3. The retake is attempt is provided by default. You also get access to a practice exam on the killer.sh environment which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for preparing for CKAD.
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Hi @Rajesh Kollipara,

  1. the env exam is a Linux virtual desktop, you’ll face a Linux env so ^C/^P for copy paste outside the terminal. If you are inside a terminal windows you have to use [1]C/[2]P For the exam it should be useful remap your command keys with ctrl and viceversa! Obviously the context menu works to Copy/Paste!
  2. yes, you can browse the doc but careful because people had prob because the env resolution (1900x1200) is usually higher than your display. Maybe you’d have to resize the FF windows in order to see the search box. In alternative you can use an external monitor with a resolution higher than 1900x1200
  3. Yes in case you fail the exam you have a free retake!
    You can practice copy/paste here:

I suggest to follow the 3 exam-channels, you can collect useful info.

Please keep me in the loop, I want to take the CKS cert in the next months and I’ve a Mac!

  1. Shift ↩︎

  2. Shift ↩︎

Alistair Mackay:
@Rajesh Kollipara Please see https://github.com/fireflycons/tips-for-CKA-CKAD-CKS for my notes on the new exam environment.