Hello all, I am CKA certified today / 22Nov2022. Many thanks to KodeKloud team f . . .

Niraj Samal:
Hello all, I am CKA certified today / 22Nov2022. Many thanks to KodeKloud team for helping in achieving this milestone.

Guys, I am open to all queries. Here is the brief summary of my CKA journey.

[Some important notes before appearing for the exam]

  1. Practise the test scenarios as much as you can ( Try to be faster each time you reappear for it )

  2. https://kodekloud.com/courses/kubernetes-challenges/ → Finish it 3-4 times at-least if you are still not confident. For me this 4 mock tests were really fruitful.

  3. <Killer Shell - CKS CKA CKAD Simulator CKA simulator> ( $40 ) ==> buy it if you need more practice. I bought it and tried to check if I can complete all 25 questions within time limit. So basically I tried this 4 times ( 2 times from here and 2 times from CKA exam link )

[PSI Environment Experience knowledge Transfer]
I would say get aquatinted with the PSI bridge environment via killer.sh environment.
Find how to

  1. Zoom in/out Firefox browser
  2. Zoom in/out CLI
  3. Open a Mousepad
    Check if you can toggle between these 3 tabs easily .

Reason for above?
I cleared the exam in 2nd attempt. What mistake did I do in 1st attempt ?
=> I was not able to toggle between browser/CLI/Mousepad . 1st 15 minute wasted because of that.
=> Due to screen size, I was not able to scroll up/down easily in Firefox browser easily and that made me more nervous.
=> So I could not start on time and did many silly mistakes although questions were easy.

What I did in 2nd attempt:
=> 1st thing 1st , I opened 3 tabs and tried to toggle between them
=> Zoom in browser and CLI as per my requirement /screen size
=> maximize PSI screen by click on top right button so that your camera view page will auto hide and will give you extra screen space ( Please do not forget to click the button again at last post to come out of PSI bridge , else you will not see the option to quit )
=> I started exactly 2-3 minute post timer start. But this time I was in total control of the PSI environment.
=> Was able to finish 15 out of 17 questions by 1 HR 30 min
=> Kept 3 question to try at last , and later was able to finish 2 out of 3 .
Take away:
Time is the key. If your hands are fast, then you can easily complete in 1 HR 30 min.
If you are having doubt in some questions, do keep a note in the mousepad, and try it once you finish rest questions.

As per NDA norm, I will not disclose the exam questions.

Deepak Mourya:
:partying_face: congratulations

Mohamed Ayman:
Congrats, @Niraj Samal!

Raul de Souza:
These are [ H E A V E N S ] tips.

Everybody, save it and make usage of.

@Niraj Samal, thank you very much! :pray:

Claudia J:
Congratulations Niraj!.

Raul de Souza:
Yeah and congratulations too :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations, Thanks for sharing quick tips. :slight_smile: