Having trouble logging in to VM via Host machine - connection timeout


I’m having trouble logging into the VM via the host machine. I’ve added the IP address to enp0s3 manually. When trying to connect, the connection is timing out.


Hi @bhargav.kanakamedala ,
Are you able to ping google.com from inside the VM?


@Tej-Singh-Rana I’m not able to ping, unfortunately. The IP address config that I posted in my above screenshot is no longer there on ifconfig. I’ve added the IP again but still getting “name or service not known”.

Hello @bhargav.kanakamedala
Can you please provide us with a screenshot of this command?
nmcli connection show


Hello @bhargav.kanakamedala
Please execute this command nmcli connection up enp0s3 and check again

That solved it. Was able to ping and also connect to the VM via host. Thank you so much!

I also updated “/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp0s3”, onboot = yes and that took care of the restart problem.