Having just taken the exam the first time, I will share my experience which @lal . . .

Heather Sze:
Having just taken the exam the first time, I will share my experience which @lalit mohan and @DK and others here may find useful. (I do not believe what i’m sharing violates any guidelines, let me know if so and I’ll delete message) 1. there is an embedded notepad which i hardly used. i don’t think you’ll be able to search within it due to the way terminal is locked down. 2. i was shocked when proctor told me before test started that right click and ctrl-c would not work on exam - i spent 5 minutes panicking trying to figure out how ctrl-ins worked, and even to find the “ins” key on my surface. no joke. i ended up relying on my raw typing skills a lot more i had planned. i COULD NOT copy and paste from the exam question section (you know, where they give you arguments that you HAVE to copy and paste vs typing raw), but found i COULD right click and ctrl-v from another tab (http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io) to the main terminal. that helped a lot. it was the most awful experience trying to do ctrl-ins and doing it wrong and have random window launch on my computer. i closed right away and shockingly proctor said nothing and was probably laughing. 3. do NOT expect autocompletion to work. 4. i have to emphasize mumshad’s point about avoiding the temptation to troubleshoot. it worked out for me, but a combination of non-optimal screen key functions and probably spending too much time troubleshooting early on, I did not get to 3 out of 19 questions. I managed to get a low pass score (I needed a 66, I got a 71) - please note i believe the pass percentage required depends on the specific questions on each test. good luck everyone.

Daz Mac:
Couple of points

  1. Selecting text, right click to copy and paste DOES work in exam terminal from text copied from http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io and also from exam question area into the terminal

  2. First command to run at start of exam is

source <(kubectl completion bash)

Will set autocompletion and is detailed at the top of kubernetes cheatsheet. Which should be one of your first bookmarks.