Happy to share that I passed both CKA and CKS last week and yesterday. I want to . . .

Tarek Mulla:
Happy to share that I passed both CKA and CKS last week and yesterday.
I want to thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth and his team for the amazing content, they are really talented with explaining the concepts.
The labs are super helpful, but needs to be more stable and faster.
The CKA exam was easy and I managed to finish all questions in 90 mins, but the CKS was so time limited, I only managed to finish 80% of questions, and I left 2 questions (7 marks, and 13 marks) with no answer, thanks god I passed it :joy:
Couple of advices for people who are planning to dot he exam:
• Prepare to be fast from the first minute of the exam. Don’t waste any minute, and if you stuck in a question for more than 10 mins, just leave it.
• Practice the Mock exams in Kodekloud many times, do it 3 times, or more, they are the best indicator to see if you are ready to do the exam.
• killer.sh mock exams are so difficult, but useful if you want to learn Kubernetes in depth and master it, if you want to pass the exam only, don’t even bother to look on them.
• Documentation is an important key to pass, learn how to navigate, and use the examples in it, it will help you a lot in the exam, even if you don’t know the answer, I had couple of questions where I didn’t know the answer, but I solved it successfully by getting the answer from the documentation.
All the best for people who are preparing to do the exam, and happy new year all :tada:

Wai Yan Pyae Sone:
@Tarek Mulla Congratulations :tada::tada:. Wish you many more success.

Tarek Mulla:
Thanks mate :heart:

Alistair Mackay:
Great achievement both together.
Your experience shows just how much more difficult CKS is!

For the benefit of others, you need to be really comfortable with Linux concepts as well as kubernetes. Note that the linux knowledge is not taught in CKS, it is assumed!


wow!!! hearty congratulations!!! Where can I get this info “Practice the Mock exams in Kodekloud many times”? could you please share the Mock exams link?

Wai Yan Pyae Sone:
Hello @sultana you can find mock exams for CKA in this course.


@Wai Yan Pyae Sone thank you so much!!!