Got CKS on Sunday. Few thing to keep in mind 1. Time is really really big factor . . .

Got CKS on Sunday. Few thing to keep in mind

  1. Time is really really big factor. I missed my last 2 questions. I would say flag the low marks questions for the end
  2. M1 Macs work fine. I used Mac Mini M1
  3. if you want speed then try doing stuff with cli commands than manifest (even though exam give u sample ones) will save you extra 30 mins
  4. Practice and Practice, That is more important, Its not about solving the question but solving question in limited time and the pressure when u know there are 15 more questions to solve u will forget and will re-read the question and that will consume more time
  5. crictl is available for ps.
  6. If time is less then just solve the problem and go to next question rather than testing if your answer is right by spinning pods etc etc. Do task, next question , Dont bother about what question is trying to do , Just do the tasks required and move to next question.
  7. Usually 90% of time u wont be able to come back to Flagged question so if you have already spent more than 5 min on question then just answer it
  8. Before every questions try to edit your alias example alias k="kubectl -n namespace(in question)" will save you extra 20 mins in exam

Trung Tran:
Congrats @Mirage and thanks for the helpful tips!

Congratulations! Could you share how long you prepared for cks?

@Gerard About 8 weeks of on and off.

Awantika Nigam:
@Mirage Congratulations. Would you mind sharing your success stories <#C0459E6K4AZ|achievements> here :slightly_smiling_face: