Google playground: unable to ssh to VM

When I create a compute engine vm instance in the console (all default settings, image debian or ubuntu), the vm is created and starts up.

Then it is not possible to ssh to the instance. Neither by using the browser ssh window, nor with other ssh client.
Diagnosis sais:
ueser permissinos ok.
VM Status and network status cycles forever.

(yesterday it was ok as well, but ssh wasn’t possible either).

ssh to external ip from other terminal is not possible (no tcp connection).

I’ve checked that ssh is allowed in firewall.

Is there anything else I could try or is that an technical issue?

Hi @mdl,
Thank you for your question.
Check this documentation to see all requirements to ssh on Compute Engine About SSH connections  |  Compute Engine Documentation  |  Google Cloud

Thank in advance

Thanks for your reply. The documentation explains

  1. You use the [SSH button in the Google Cloud console]to connect to your VM.
    2.-5. shold work automatically.

As I wrote above, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t seem to be an authorization problem but a problem with network connection.

Hi @mdl
We report the issue to the team and come back to you soon


Is there any progress?

Hi @mdl,
This has been resolved. Please give it a try and let us know.

Once again thanks for your patience.