GitHub Setup Failed


Dont really understand why my task failed for github repo setup.
I followed the steps below:

  1. mkdir -p /opt/official
  2. git --bare init (to create a bare repo)
  3. cd /tmp
  4. cp update /opt/official/hooks/
  5. mv update update.sample (replace update.sample with update)
  6. cd /usr/src/kodekloudrepos/
  7. git clone /opt/official
  8. cd official
  9. git checkout -b xfusioncorp_official
  10. cp to /usr/src/kodekloudrepos/official/
  11. git add .
  12. git commit -am “readme file added”
  13. git config --global push.default simple
  14. git push --set-upstream origin xfusioncorp_official
  15. git push
  16. git checkout -b master
  17. git push
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Please see the screenshots below: