Git pull requests task-issue

Please help to check the same @Inderpreet/@Ayman/@kodekloud-support3
I’ve completed the task and yet failure.
Attached screenshots of the captures

Please respond team, @mmumshad, @Inderpreet, @Ayman

Hi @preetskuul

Please submit this task for review.

@Inderpreet ,
Thanks for the response.
Well I have submitted it but , this is an issue on validation.

@Inderpreet , @mmumshad,
Please update

Is there someone who really can support here?
@Inderpreet @mmumshad @Ayman @kode … As requested i had raised review request too/… i get te same responses…
If people are not interested/busy then atleast let know the right channel to/ ask. I dont see responses here

Hi @preetskuul

Sorry for delayed response. Marked this task successful for you, it has been reported by couple of users so we are looking into it.