Getting same task again and again , Getting same repeatly

Hi Team, I’m getting same tasks repeatly, again and again , which should not be as i won’t learn new things if i will be doing same task again and again

Appache Redirect Task I have done more than 4 times

Please align me new tasks to learn new concepts
UserName: Asha Bulani

Hi @ashub056,
Tasks are assigned to the users randomly. It’s not in our hands.
If you have already completed the tasks in the past, then it won’t take time to complete them again.

As a sys admin, what I can do is: -
I will write steps in a script file and save that file in our GitHub repo or on our local system; when we get this task again, I’ll run that automated script to complete the task.


okay thanks !! But its needs to be improved and your team should work on it

Yes, we would improve this in the new version of the KKE.