Firewalld service seems to be running but cant run commands with it's program

this is for the 2 tier applications lab
prior to the above screenshot i started & enabled the service
when i tried to configure the firewall it’s status was inactive so i restarted
note this is the 2nd lab this happened to me

Please advise, thanks

In which question do you need advice? as I have checked the two labs in 2 tier applications lab and I haven’t been asked to restart or configure the firewall service.

it’s the first lab out of the two in the 2 tier applications section.

it’s not in the questions but Mumshad is showing his work process in the demo which is referenced here-
GitHub - kodekloudhub/learning-app-ecommerce: A sample e-commerce learning app

figured i should do the same as he does, no ?

This step is not required for the lab but you should do it if you deploy the app in your PC.

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