🥳🔥Finally, I got it. I'm now CKA certified💯 All thanks to . . .

:partying_face::fire:Finally, I got it. I’m now CKA certified:100:
All thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth & the whole KodeKloud Team for making amazing content on Kubernetes available for us.:hearts:
Also thanks to @Ly Quoc Bao @Trung Tran @Alistair Mackay @Mohamed Ayman @mykkslack and all others who have helped me during all the doubts & queries.:k8s_intensifies::dancing_parrot::thank-you:

Ly Quoc Bao:
Congrats :tada::tada:

Alistair Mackay:
Well done my friend. It was a long road, but you made it to the end!

omkar kulkarni:
Congrats man :bouquet::bouquet:

M A:
Congratulation @manukumar :tada: