[Feedback] Mock Exam 2

I just finished the first mock exam. Here are some remarks.

  • Q16 : The given example is misleading since the question is about the SELinux context of a configuration file while in the example it is about a binary. So it could look like the context of the httpd binary is being asked.
  • Question about modifying services.txt not passed when I added port 888/tcp with tee and write the same sed command.
  • Question about formating : sudo partprobe -s this is not indicated in the correction.
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Thank you for your feedback. I have reviewed Mock Exam 2.

For question 4, regarding services.txt: I was able to complete the exercise and receive credit using echo examservice 888/tcp # Our special service | tee -a /opt/services.txt. It should be noted that this must be done as root. I also had no issues when using the provided sed -i 's/SSH/NULL/g' /opt/services.txt command for the solution.

Regarding question 16: The question indicates we are working with the httpd service (binary), and the example lists binaries. I will discuss this question with our team and determine if and how we may reword the question to be more clear.

The last point, regarding sudo partprobe -s: I am not certain which question this relates to. Could you provide more information?

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Aaron Lockhart
KodeKloud Support

I took this mock exam again. It’s okay for Q4 now, I probably did a typo. partprobe -s is for Q22.
What is the difference between and /sbin/shutdown and /usr/sbin/shutdown for Q14 ?

Both /usr/sbin/shutdown and /sbin/shutdown are symbolic links to the same location. Functionally, there is no difference. For the purposes of the Mock Exam, the check logic is set up to check for /sbin/shutdown.

For question 22, I am still uncertain where partprobe -s would be useful. The question only requires partitioning, formatting, and mounting specific storage devices. Writing the partition changes using w in fdisk would be all that is necessary. It is not required to call partprobe to re-read the partition tables.