Feature Update! Hire Me!


We have added a new feature. We have added a new button called “Hire Me” next to user profiles in the leaderboard. This is only visible for levels of DevOps Engineers and above. This will allow potential managers or recruiters to hire talent from KodeKloud Engineer. An email will be sent to the engineer with a message from the recruiter. If interested, the engineer can reach back to the recruiter via email. To prevent abuse a recruiter can only send 3 invites per day. Happy hiring on KodeKloud Engineer!


Hi mmumshad,

why there is no Hire Me next to my name? what do i need to do to get one? :slight_smile: thank you, -jenna

Hi @mmumshad,

I am excited to see this new feature. However, I didn’t see the Hire Me button next to my name. In my profile I checked open to new opportunities. What should be done to rectify this?

Hi @Mmumshad,

There is no Hire Me next to my name? what need to done from my end to get

Naresh Khanna

Hi, for this to show, you must be:

  • At a level of a DevOps Engineer or higher
  • Must have checked the “Open to New Opportunities” check box in your profile settings.

Hi mmumshad,

thank you for providing this feature.

I checked my profile, the “Open to New Opportunities” is checked. anything else i need to check?

Also I forgot to mention, you won’t see the “Hire me” button for yourself. Because you can’t hire yourself :man_shrugging:

I see you have the button enabled. :slight_smile:

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