Failed Task for adding banners

I have done banner changing task and it isfailed for db server but i did it properly

Thanks for reporting. We will take a look and will get back to you soon.

I have just tested, am able to complete the task without any issues for DB server.

Could you please provide more details or steps that you followed?

Hi @mohamedyasser

We just reviewed your answer and found that earlier (before clicking on Finish) you copied incomplete banner to the DB server, hence your answer was marked as failed. The screenshot you shared above was taken after clicking on Finish button hence that was not considered. Below in the screenshot please see the actual banner that was setup by you on DB server (note the missing warning at the bottom of the banner):

Please note that any changes which are made after clicking on Finish button are not considered. I hope it clarifies your doubt.

i am newbie to this, any have thank you for the information, so the rule is to do the task before clicking finish, anything after finish will not be consider right?

Thank you

Hi @mohamedyasser