Experience points and task assignments algorithm

Now it is quite funny situation I am the only one who has completed successfully 27 tasks without any failure and I have rank 3 . Something is definitely wrong with task assignments algorithm.

Yaaaay, tasks are getting better and better. Now I get second task for only 100 points in a row. And first of them had messed up validation. :smiley:

I wanted to practice and maybe learn something in SysOps area. Clearly though system is designed to prove me that the more I do the more stupid I am… :smiley:

The tasks are assigned as per the project requirement. It is not guaranteed that each time you get a task with more experience. The same task could be assigned multiple times if the demand arises.

As a System’s Administrator of the Nautilus project division, your duties include completing any task assigned to you based on the project demand.

Thank you for understanding.

  • On behalf of Richard Vaughan - :grinning:
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The total experience is based on the kind of tasks completed. The tasks are assigned randomly. Everyone get’s all kinds of tasks assigned. Just hang in there for a bit longer and you will get there.