Every video I view has volume set to zero

I’m loving the content, but am getting frustrated because every video I view has the volume set to zero initially and I have to increase it. Not an issue when you only have to do it a few times, but I’m currently doing the CKA course which has > 250 steps.

I’m seeing this behaviour in:

  • Chrome (Windows)
  • Edge (Windows)
  • Safari (Mac)

Is anyone else having this same problem? (I know my colleague is).

Sound weird issue @saab_JamesDoran_crnu,

I also go through many courses and didn’t face issues as you mentioned, let me forward this to the engineering team for further troubleshooting!


Thanks @trung-kodekloud :slight_smile:

When viewing videos on Safari (iPad), it’s fine, but that’s not an ideal device to do the labs on. Hope it’s obvious for the dev’s.

Hi @saab_JamesDoran_crnu,
Can you please DM me your registered email address?


was the issue resolved? I have the same issue on my end too,
I am watching Docker for absolute beginners, that’s strange

It turned out to be my company’s network. If I wasn’t on the network, it was fine. Hope this helps.

Yes all my videos now start muted. This did not happen before.

@Tej-Singh-Rana I have started facing this issue recently. I’m doing Istio course. I never faced this issue earlier.

Hi @ankit,
Thanks for highlighting this. I have notified the concerned team. They will check it.


yes facing the same issue

earlier for me it was not auto-run and i have to manually PLAY the next video
and now that is working but the VOLUME MUTE is happening and i need to manually UNMUTE IT.

Kindly help to resolve
[email protected]

@Tej-Singh-Rana @ankit

Hi @praduman1417 ,
Sorry for the problem you have had during your learning. We are aware of this issue, and the concerned team is looking into it.
Please be patience. We will come up with a solution.


Please remove your email address. We don’t encourage sharing the private email address publicly.