Etcdctl need to install CKA

Hi Friends,

Can we need to install ETCD_CTL client and ingress control. Why because. ETCD is installed as services not pod. i tried like below it cannot recognize. C

ETCDCTL_API=3 etcdctl --endpoints= \
  --cacert=<trusted-ca-file> --cert=<cert-file> --key=<key-file> \
  snapshot save <backup-file-location>

  1. Ingress : After deployed ingress resources. when I tired to execute ingress resource
    kubectl get ingress. it is showing ingress service address not display. it is showing blank.

kubectl get ingress test-ingress

Please anyone on help me.

Hello @kolaganikrishnaprasa
Deploying ingress controller from scratch is not part of the exam curriculum, you have to be prepared with ingress resources.
the etcdctl is used for the CKA for now, it’s supposed to be installed.
In the exam, you may need to ssh to the correct node before performing any actions with ETCDCTL

Thank you so much @Ayman for your support.

Really thanks

You are welcome.

Happy learning.