Error when build worker image - in Docker Lpas

Hello every one

did any one face the below issue , so i need support to continu my lap

Error parsing reference: “ as builder” is not a valid repository/tag: invalid reference format

Hi @ahmed_sayed86 ,
Where are you getting this issue? and what command did you run? Please provide more details. We can’t help it out with these short details.


Can you share the content of your Dockerfile?

Hello Ayman ,
this error comes when i’m trying to build the worker-app images by type :
docker buid . -t worker-app

It would be more helpful to provide us The dockerfile you are trying to build.
but from this error I can say that the repository that you are using as base image has a typo or is not available.
please make sure this repository is correct.

Hello Team I too face this issue

FROM as builder

COPY src/Worker/Worker.csproj .
RUN dotnet restore

COPY src/Worker/ .
RUN dotnet publish -c Release -o /out Worker.csproj

app image


ENTRYPOINT [“dotnet”, “Worker.dll”]

COPY --from=builder /out .

Hello Team I too face this issue