Error in task verification: Create a Docker Image From Container

After taking the review I have taken anther attempt and the second time it work perfectly.

The newly created images ID is same as the previous one. Please see the attachment


@Tej-Singh-Rana any idea on this


You must use docker commit command instead of docker build to create the image.

Docker build command is used when you have a Dockerfile.

Hi onik,
you tried to build the same content of the Dockerfile, but with the same image-name which means you didn’t add something new in Dockerfile=No extra layers of docker image. So, the imageid for both are the same. If you add any minor changes, then extra layers will be added which means the imageid should be changed

@Ayman then the question should be improved because there was no such info add extra layer. It was mention to create a new image using existing docker image that’s it.

@Devops @Ayman @onik.azad
hi all,
is this correct for this task?


Please check and advise here