Environment Not Available Error

Hi Team,

I am getting below environment not available error when accessing my latest task. I did complete the task yesterday, but it did show complete. Now if I retry I am getting the below error. Kindly help.

Sorry about that. We are looking into this now.

Thank you Mumshad. Appreciate your help.

Hi @mmumshad, I am still facing issue with my “IPtables Installation And Configuration” task. I am now able to open the katakoda page and able to successfully complete the IPTables setup. I have even validated it in LBR. But when I give finish task, it keeps finishing and finishing and never completes finish. Kindly request you to look into this. As a result of this I am not able to complete any task for past couple of days.

Appreciate all the help.

Thank you

It times out with below error. I have so far attempted this task for more than 3 times and facing the same issue.

Thanks @mmumshad and team, issue with my task has been resolved and task has been updated to completed status.