EC2 instance connect

trying to create an EC2 instance

ΠΑΟ! Δεν ξενερώvουμε ποτέ… ποτέ!!

Λοιπόν, τώρα μηλάμε Αγγλικά - είναι πιο καλήτερα για τον κόσμο εδώ, και τα Ελληνκά μου δεν είναι καλά :smile:

You need to provide more information for us to help you.
Is this AWS Playground? If yes, do you follow the rules for what is allowed to be created?

  • Use region us-east-1 (N. Virginia). It has the most enabled services
  • Instance type must be one of
    • t3.nano
    • t3.small
    • t3.medium
  • Volume type must be gp2

You will get errors if you select something else.