Doubt in node upgrade (from LL-1 solution)

  1. why can’t we upgrade worker node as same a master by using kubectl upgrade plan?

  2. can you explain what is happening in the last two commands step as we’ve mentioned --kubelet-version=v1.19.0 in 2nd command but we are downloading kubelet in the 3rd command

  3. why cant i uncordon worker node in itself why do i need to do it from master ?

  4. “To minimize downtime, the deployment gold-nginx should be rescheduled on an alternate node before upgrading each node.” how are we taking care of this part of the 1st question in the solution.

On Worker Node:-

apt-get install kubeadm=1.19.0-00
kubeadm upgrade node --kubelet-version=v1.19.0
apt-get install kubelet=1.19.0-00

Hello @ajey

  1. To upgrade the worker nodes, run

    kubectl drain node01 --ignore-daemonsets
    ssh node01
    node01$ apt install kubeadm=1.12.0-00
    node01$ apt install kubelet=1.12.0-00
    master$ kubeadm upgrade node config --kubelet-version (kubelet --version | cut -d ' ' -f 2) master kubectl uncordon node01

2- --kubelet-version flag upgrade the kubelet config file according to version

Regarding kubeadm upgrade node command is the same as kubeadm upgrade apply on master node.

please check here