Does kodekloud engineer path makes us Job ready?

Hello all if i work on the kodekloud engineer tasks and modules. will i be job-ready and be able to craft up story about devops hands on experience in interview as an experienced devops personnel? right now i am work as a system administrator with 5 yrs exp and i want to change my career into devops.

Hey @Divya-vemula,
KodeKloud Engineer is designed to provide industry-like experience. You can definitely quote the topics and tasks you had done under this program as you have performed all of it independently and unlocked the next challenge in your interviews. This will definitely be considered under your hands-on experience on DevOps technologies, however, we also recommend you to simultaneously refer our courses CKA, CKAD, CKS and do the certifications if you are looking to crack a DevOps interview.

KodeKloud Support