Docker Volumes Mapping -- Lost connection/Failed

Hi All,

I got this task, post completing the task when I hit the finish button, it said lost connection to the terminal. After reloading the page it says the task failed, can anyone please take a look into it.

I had the same issue with task Docker EXEC operations. Can you please look into it. Thank you!

I had similar issue but task was marked as successful. So even in such cases it seems validation worked fine.

@andrzej Thank you for your response. But I haven’t finished the task yet. I am in the process of verifying if apache2 is installed in kkloud container, opened a new terminal specifying the port 8080, which reopened the same task page that I am working. I closed that terminal. When I refreshed, I saw my task status failed.

I never had this issue though. It’s first time that I faced.

Agreed, this has happened earlier too, but I am sure I completed the task successfully, and it complains '/opt/sysops/sample.txt' file not found on App Server 1, but isn’t it suppose to be on the container?