Disable Root login -- Task failed

Hello @Inderpreet,

I have submitted the task but it is showing below result:

I just need to check, is it typo error? Because I have put 1 extra space in the value.
PermitRootLogin no ## here i have put 2 spaces between the parameter & value.


Hello, HarshNarang
Doesn’t matter extra spaces. You have to write “yes” instead of “no”. You are permitting not removing.


The task is :- Disable direct SSH root login on all app servers
On appserver 1 & 2, I just un-commented the parameter & change it’s value to no.
But in app server 3, I just append the file in the end. You can check it in the above screenshot. I restarted the service as well but I got task failed message because of app server 3.

Okay, but extra spaces doesn’t matter .

Okay, then task shouldn’t fail. Cloud you please check what is the reason? Because I have done the same thing on all app servers.


@HarshNarang this is marked Success for you. It passed for app 1 and 2 but failed for 3 only, there might be some temporary issue with app3.

Hello Inderpreet - I have got the same error. Could you please get this fixed for me too ? Thanks in advance.