Did not understand why the quorum answer was not accepted

in the research questions

Which of the below configurations can tolerate 3 manager node failures?

7 Manager Nodes 3 Worker Nodes Cluster was Ok (and i understand why, because the quroum is 4 so that leaves a max of 3 nodes failures) but

7 Manager Nodes 5 Worker Nodes Cluster was marked as wrong although it meets the quorum
Could you explain me why ?

In a Docker Swarm cluster, the number of manager nodes required to maintain the quorum is calculated as (n/2)+1, where ‘n’ is the total number of manager nodes.

So, in the case of a 7 Manager Nodes cluster, the quorum is 5 ( (7/2) + 1 = 5 ), which means that the cluster can tolerate a maximum of 2 manager node failures.

However, in the case of a 7 Manager Nodes and 5 Worker Nodes cluster, even though it meets the quorum (which is 5), it cannot tolerate 3 manager node failures because it only has 7 manager nodes, and as mentioned above, the maximum number of manager node failures it can tolerate is 2.

Hi @Ayman

Thanks for your reply,

but the only difference between the two conditions is the number of worker nodes (3 in a case, 5 in the other case), while the number of manager nodes is identical.
Could you check ?